The moisture in your skin

The human body loses a half-pint of water a day through the skin…much more under adverse conditions. A startling number of skin problems and other human ailments result from a chronic loss of moisture through the skin’s surface. To counteract this loss, the skin’s precious water must be replenished daily. Formulated skin lotions and crèmes that call themselves “moisturizers” are actually moisture sealers. They do not add water to your skin.

Skin moisture can be replenished both by ingestion (drinking) and external application. While replacing lost moisture internally is important, you cannot drink enough water in a day to meet your skin’s needs. A better approach is to regularly replenish lost skin moisture by adding water to the skin’s surface (AND to drink plenty of water). This common-sense system utilizes the skin’s natural ability to take in moisture from the air.

“Water is water”

Because water invariably takes on traces of its surroundings, natural waters are as distinctive and varied as fingerprints. There are as many waters as there are water sources. Some waters are good for your skin and some are not. And while the differences may be minute and barely imperceptible, your skin definitely knows the difference. Naturally occurring water that is fresh, mild and unadulterated, is becoming an increasingly rare and valuable commodity.

Why is mineral content and PH important? Most people do not realize that absolutely pure water, containing ONLY hydrogen and oxygen, is NOT natural. This “distilled water” must be artificially manufactured. While distilled water has many important uses, it is essentially dead, has a neutral pH, and is not particularly good for you. It is the dissolved minerals, present in every natural water on Earth, which transform the sterile combination of hydrogen and oxygen into a living, life sustaining, bio-active organic compound.

The ideal skin water

Of all Earth’s waters, only a rare and precious few possess the required natural pH balance, purity and mineral content to beneficially moisturize human skin. For skin to be healthy, young-looking, soft, supple and bright; and for cosmetics and skin care products to work their magic, the skin must have adequate natural water (moisture) FIRST, before any other skin care product or medication is applied…and it must be the right water.

Sharon Kleyne’s extensive research has documented that to beneficially penetrate into human skin and replace lost moisture, a water must be:

  • Mild and natural
  • Slightly acidic in pH
  • Free from excessive mineral levels, heavy metals and artificial additives
  • Applied to the skin’s surface as an ultra-fine mist for maximum absorption

In Nature’s Mist®, skin moisturizing water, Sharon Kleyne has discovered a “pure”, mild, natural, pH-correct water that does not leave a dehydrating residue on skin. Her research has documented that this unique water, bottled as it emerges from a natural spring in Oregon, is the ideal natural moisturizer for the human skin.